What is the best Microcurrent Face Lift Machine?

As with any muscle in the body, facial muscles flourish with exercise. However, most people neglect to exercise these muscles because they don’t know how to properly do it. While there are several videos online on how to do facial exercises and massage, they are not always enough to truly “work out” the face muscles.

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One could always go to a salon or spa to have facial massage or microcurrent treatments done, but they are incredibly expensive if you do them as often as you would need to get results. Many people other rely on expensive Botox injections, which also come with the risk of paralysis, scarring, bumps/dents, infections, and more unsightly side effects.

When using your own hands isn’t enough, many people turn to microcurrent face lift treatments to meet their needs. Microcurrent devices are great because they can stimulate and massage the muscles in your face better than any hands-only massage can do. When used properly, microcurrent face lift treatments can help encourage drainage in the face and lymph nodes, which improves skin health and overall heath as well. In addition to looking better, these treatments might also make you feel better, too!

Microcurrent face lift machines have been on the market for a long time, and there are many options to purchase for at-home use. However, it is important to do your research to make sure you are getting a machine that will work hard and safely. There are many on the market that don’t live up to their claims, but we found some that we think are both safe and effective options!

How Does Microcurrent Face Treatment Work?

Microcurrent face lift machines work by sending gentle electric currents to the muscles around your face (cheeks, nose, mouth, lips, neck, and eyes). These nonsurgical face lift machines have two gel or metal pads that massage the face while pulsing gently to stimulate the muscles. The experience looks and feels a lot like a facial massage, but is also a rigorous workout for the face muscles. If used properly, you should barely feel the currents at all – it’s that gentle!

Some benefits of using a microcurrent face lift machine:

  • Improves overall skin health
  • Increases collagen production
  • Tightens skin and reduces swelling
  • Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines
  • Clears pores of dirt and acne
  • Allows lotions and serums to penetrate deeper into skin, helping them work better
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage

Safety issues to consider:

  • If you are looking to buy a microcurrent facelift device, and you are concerned about safety, you should perhaps consult a physician or dermatologist prior to using one of these devices.
  • Read the directions carefully. Each machine works differently, and comes with its own safety guidelines.
  • Most machines require you to use them with a gel-based lotion. They also warn that using the devices with other lotions/serums could cause a reaction, since the machine will amplify the effects of whatever you put on your face. If you have sensitive skin, be very careful which products you use this with! Many of them sell their own lotions to use with their machines, so consider trying one of those if you’re unsure.
  • If you have a pacemaker, consult your physician to make sure the device won’t affect your pacemaker in any way.
    Some people online said the directions for these devices say to avoid using them if you have a lot of metal in your mouth (fillings, braces, plates, etc.). Again, if you are unsure, consult your physician before using one of these face lift machines.
  • You can also look up your local spa – they may be able to train you on one of the existing facial treatment devices that you are considering purchasing. It’s an added expense, but totally worth it if you want to make absolutely sure this kind of microcurrent device is right for you.
  • Be patient! Because this is a nonsurgical face lift treatment, it won’t give you life-changing effects overnight! This is meant to be a regimen you follow daily over the course of several weeks. Just like using a new serum or moisturizer, give it time for the effects to be noticeable. Do not try to use the machine more frequently or for a longer time than advised to avoid side effects like tingling or bruising.

Microcurrent Face Lift Machine Reviews

While i’m the NuFace Trinity or Mini are objectively the best Microcurrent Face Toning Machines and definitely worth their price, some people simply can’t afford them. That’s why I have added 3 alternative and relatively cheap brands that can also give you a decent facial toning.

NuFace Trinity

nuface trinity device

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NuFace Mini

nuface mini microcurrent device

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Project E Beauty Microcurrent Galvanic New Face Skin Spa Device

Price: : $65.90
The Project E Beauty Microcurrent device is a cordless, rechargeable device meant to give a salon-level microcurrent face-lift treatment in the comfort of your own home. Because it is cordless, the Project E Beauty Microcurrent device is easy to handle and operate without much practice. It also comes with options to adjust the power/heat and positive/negative ions, which means you can create a unique treatment for your skin needs.


  • Claims to achieve results by piercing into the tissues, influencing the flow to enhance the vascular and lymphatic interchange within the region
  • Claims to increase the function of cellular membranes and allows trapped fluid and fat to be dispersed and eliminated
  • Decreases the speed of skin aging, endorses healthy blood flow, advances our skin’s strength and its nerve endings, endorses healthy organic absorption, and promotes the restoration of elastic fibers and collagen
  • The device is easy to adjust to give you a unique face lift experience
  • Device is rechargeable without the use of a base
  • It’s small and would be easy to take with you travelling or to store in a small bathroom.
    Affordable option for someone looking for skin tightening without spending a ton!


  • There don’t seem to be any reviews of this product online. If you are someone who relies on feedback from actual users to make purchasing decisions, this could be a problem.

The Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Face Lift Machine

Price: $86.74
This Skin Care Microcurrent Face Lift Machine has large dual facial probes. It is a cordless selection that works with rechargeable batteries, which also makes it easy to move around the house. Its users love the device for being easy to use, and providing noticeable results. Their Amazon site says you can see results by using it for just 15-20 minutes per day, which is definitely a plus!

Reviews of the Microcurrent Face Lift Machine have been very positive, for the most part. One buyer of the Skin Care Specialists Microcurrent Face Lift Machine said that she used it on a regular basis and it helped to make her skin tighter. She also used it on her upper arms and rapidly saw a difference. Another customer of the Microcurrent Face Lift said that she used it for ten minutes daily and it helped her to fight off wrinkles.

This microcurrent face-lift machine is another handy machine to have at home, should you want to care for your skin and not be concerned about dragging around weightier options. Because it’s a lighter option, it would be good to travel with too!


  • Large dual face probes to cover larger areas of face and neck; it can also be used on other areas of the body, like upper arms
  • Easy to adjust settings to meet your needs
  • Cordless and easy to handle; it would also travel well
  • Results improve dramatically the more you use it
  • Affordable; does the same job as $200+ machines
  • Internal timer shuts device off after 10 minutes; saves battery life


  • You need to use this device with a gel/moisturizer. It doesn’t come with one, and warns users that if your skin is sensitive, you could have a bad reaction when using your own gel/moisturizer, depending on ingredients. They aren’t specific on which ingredients to avoid, so you’re on your own to find one that works.
  • Some users complained the current feels unsteady
  • Reviews were more positive when talking about tightening skin, but negative when talking about reducing wrinkles. Keep that in mind depending on what goals you have for using the machine.
  • Can lead to stinging sensation if not used properly

SteamSun Bio Face Lift Microcurrent Face Lift B-809

Price: Not Available
The Steam Sun Bio Face Lift Microcurrent machine was another prevalent option that users said could deliver a full-body treatment. It includes hot and cold frequency functions which users claim help them in treating chronic pain. Users also report positively using this non-surgical microcurrent splendor machine to successfully eliminate stress-related black and white head acne.

This device looks like it is meant for professional users, more than at-home novice users. It is also advertised as being a full-body microcurrent machine, which is very different from the face lift machines we reviewed today. Many people who reviewed it well were using it more for pain management than a face lift, so keep that in mind if you’re just looking for an option for your face.

I guess if you are an experienced user, or a professional dermatologist/facialist looking for one to use at home, this would be a good option. Otherwise, I’d recommend sticking with a face-only device to start with.


  • It has everything…everything you could possibly need in a microcurrent device!
  • Spa/Professional grade microcurrent machine
  • Comes in convenient carrying case
  • Reviews were largely positive online
  • Can be used on entire body to improve skin tightness
  • Can also be used for muscle pain management throughout the entire body


  • Currently unavailable for purchase online
  • Many users complained the DVD that comes with it is not helpful
  • This is NOT a device for beginners; too complicated for everyday use
  • Not a wireless/handheld device; may be too clunky to handle
  • Comes with a LOT of equipment, so it would not be easy to store or travel with

What is the best microcurrent device?

When looking for the best at home face lift machine, you have many options to choose from! Most of them provide a great at home face lift for a fraction of the price of a professional face lift, or even a professional microcurrent treatment.

The microcurrent face lift devices we looked at today are all high-quality machines that deliver great results. They can help you look years younger, tighten skin, and improve many other areas of your skincare routine.

Before purchasing one of the microcurrent face lift machines, make sure to do your research (or read this article very carefully) and discuss concerns with your doctor or dermatologist. While these are safe for most people to use daily, there are some people who could be at risk for side effects or bad reactions that can be easily avoided. If you are worried about safety, check the section above that details some people who may need to avoid these machines.

Overall, I think this a great option for people who are looking for firmer skin and fewer wrinkles without the expense and risk of Botox or other fillers. They can be used daily as part of your regular skincare routine, and will hopefully help you meet your anti aging and skincare goals!

Best Microcurrent Face Lift Machines
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