What is the best radio frequency microneedling machine?

Micro Needling treatments are all the rage right now. People are flocking to their doctor or dermatologist for this new anti-aging treatment, or attempting to do it themselves at home. It is meant to firm the skin, and is a great option for both anti-aging and fixing deep acne scarring.

While micro needling seems like a promising treatment to encourage collagen production and skin tightening, it is still largely considered too dangerous to do yourself at home. Instead, the online market is focused on Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening machines. These have similar effects to micro needling without the safety concerns and cost.

How Radio Frequency Tightening Works

Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening machines are often called “non-surgical facelift” machines. They work by focusing RF energy deep under the skin, heating your skin and promoting collagen and elastin production. Since this is a non-invasive procedure, the healing time is minimal compared to micro needling. You can even do this procedure safely at home, whereas micro needling is still considered too harsh or dangerous for most users.

RF skin tightening machines are used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and smooth out aging skin, along with tightening the skin around your neck, chest, or other sagging areas. Younger people also use RF skin tightening treatments to fill in and repair deep acne scarring when using fillers isn’t necessary or is too expensive.

How Does This Compare to Micro Needling?

RF skin tightening machines and micro needling are similar in that they both promote collagen and elastin production deep under the skin. They are also both used to treat similar skin problems, and the results can be life changing with both procedures.

Micro needling differs from RF skin tightening because it is an invasive procedure. Micro needling consists of using hundreds of tiny needles to puncture the skin. While the device punctures the skin, it also emits radio frequencies create new collagen and elastin under the skin.

While you can easily find micro-needling rollers on the market (which are dangerous or ineffective) a professional-grade micro needling device is not available in the U.S. at this time. Many of the ones online marketed as micro needling devices are not what they say – they are usually microdermabrasion pens or something else entirely. In the U.S., you still have to get this procedure done in a doctor or dermatologist’s office. Because this procedure involves actually puncturing the skin, it’s still advised not to do it at home and use an RF skin tightening machine instead.

Cost of Professional Micro Needling Treatments
vs. Home RF Skin Tightening Treatments

A professional micro needle treatment, on average, costs $200-$700 per treatment, and you will typically need 8-12 sessions over several months to see results. Since there are few, if any, options to do this procedure safely at home, you are stuck paying thousands if you want this done properly. As always, you will also have to add in the cost of a consultation appointment, follow-up appointments, and any medication or treatments you’ll need afterwards.

In contrast, an at-home RF skin tightening machine will only cost you $100 – $500, and they can be used for months, even years, without replacement. You can also tailor your skincare treatments to your needs, focusing on whatever problem areas you have. It also allows you to do the treatments on your own time, instead of dealing with appointments.

Since this is a non-invasive procedure that does not puncture the skin, you also won’t have as many side effects or potential for unsightly redness. The healing time, if used properly, should be minimal and go unnoticed by others – so you can easily do these treatments and head back to your regular life with no problem!

Things to Consider Before Buying

As with any skincare device, there are some safety issues to consider before purchasing an RF skin tightening device. Since you are dealing with radio frequencies, there are people out there who this device could be dangerous for. So please consider the following before buying:

You will need to use a water-based gel or cream while using the device for it to be effective and safe on your skin. Using aloe gel is highly recommended.
Ask your doctor before using a device like this if you have hearing aides or a pacemaker. Radio waves could interfere with your devices, which could be very dangerous!
Some of these devices also say not to use them while pregnant because exposure of RF could be dangerous for your baby.

If you have already used skin injections for scarring or wrinkles (Botox, Restalyn, hyaluronic acid, etc.), don’t use this device until 3-6 months after your treatment.
These are not safe to use on burns or heavily irritated skin.
If you are unsure if this is safe to use, talk to your doctor or dermatologist first.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines Review

Once you have determined that you want to purchase an RF skin tightening machine, and that it will be safe for you to use, you have a few options to choose from:

Tripollar Stop – Radio Frequency Facial Skin Tightening Machine

Brand: Tripollar
Cost: $409.00

This is a non-invasive device that uses RF thermal technology to penetrate the skin. It is great for reducing pores and wrinkles, and is safe to use on the face, neck, and hands to tighten skin. The directions say to use the device 2-3 times per week for 12-15 minutes, and you will start to see results in 6-8 weeks.


  • Comes in red, black, or white to coordinate with your personal preferences.
  • Includes a preparation gel and after-treatment cream that works with the device.
    Is reviewed very highly on Amazon. Many users say it helped immensely with fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin under the chin and neck.
  • Has an automatic shut-off as a safety feature, which is nice to have when first learning to use the device.
  • Has a 2-year warranty


  • It only seems to have one strength setting or heat setting. This means you cannot cater your treatments to your own needs, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • It doesn’t come with after-treatment cream in some cases, or at least it was unclear on the Amazon page. You may have to buy it separately.
  • It’s not clear whether the device is wireless or not. The photos show both, which is confusing.
  • You will need an adapter for the power plug if using outside the U.S. (not included)

NORLANYA Bipolar Radio Frequency RF Skin Lift Anti-Aging Device

Cost: $249.99

This is the most promising device I’ve seen so far. It is an RF skin tightening device that also uses photo light therapy to improve skin tone and elasticity. It is said to be great for sagging skin, signs of aging, and perfect for sensitive skin.


  • This device promises results in 4-8 weeks, with using it 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes per day. It’s an easy regimen to do every other day, and promises results more quickly than some other devices.
  • Has 3 energy levels to choose from to suit your skin’s sensitivity and needs
  • You also have 3 options for adding in photon light therapy: yellow, red, or none
    Can program it to automatically shut off after 5, 10, or 15 minutes. This is great if you are new to using the device, so you can ensure you won’t over-treat or harm your skin!
  • This device is fairly well reviewed on Amazon. Some people complained that the device didn’t work for them, but it seems largely due to them not being patient. Many reviewers even came back and updated their review after a month or so, saying the results were amazing but take some time to really happen.
    Comes with an 18-month warranty


  • Does not include international power adapters
  • This is not a cordless or chargeable device. You’ll have to keep it plugged in to use.
  • Does not include any gels or creams with the device, so you’ll have to purchase those separately. This could be a pro or con, depending on how you look at it. If you’d like to try a gel/cream specially made for the device, you’re out of luck. If you’d rather use your own products, it’s not an issue.
  • Not recommended for pregnant or menstruating women, or for people using hearing aides or pacemakers.

Project E Beauty Wrinkle Removal RF Thermage Microneedle Face Body Skin Beauty Massager Device

Brand: Project E Beauty
Cost: $95.99

While this is for some reason marketed as an RF Thermage Microneedle device, it is NOT a microneedle machine. This is another RF skin tightening device like the other two that uses heat and radio frequencies to tighten and repair skin.


  • At only around $100, this is the cheapest radio frequency skin tightening machine out there.
  • Has 3 heat settings, so you can tailor it to your comfort level or needs.
  • Full charge only works for 30-45 minutes, which means you can’t really overdo it with this device.


  • This is also not a wireless device, and will need an adapter for international use.
  • The device requires you to use a detachable head that has to be replaced every 30-45 uses. The replacement heads can be found on Amazon for about $20 each. While this device is significantly cheaper than the other two, the cost of replacing the heads will eventually cost you more over time.
  • It is not as well reviewed on Amazon as the other two devices, but still not bad.
Best Skin Tightening Machines
  • Winner - Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine