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Is the Clarisonic Mia or Alpha FIT the face brush for you?

Clarisonic face brushes have been around since 2004, and changed the skincare game for millions of people around the world. Many of us threw out our face cloths and abrasive exfoliating scrubs for a gentler, more effective cleansing device. While they have updated their devices over the years, the effects remain the same – the Clarisonic brush just gives a better cleanse than anything out there.

Recently, Clarisonic came out with their FIT cleansing devices. They are the first travel-size, compact devices from Clarisonic. The FIT also comes in both a men’s and women’s version, each with some features especially for each.

Once Clarisonic realized plenty of men were using their devices as well, they created one to deal with their unique needs – clean skin that gives men a closer shave with less irritation. They also addressed concerns that men with facial hair deal with – primarily that most devices can’t permeate beards well enough to truly clean the skin underneath. They have created a special brush head especially for getting through facial hair, so men can enjoy great skin no matter what facial hair they’re sporting!

I thought it would be worth checking into the FIT devices, especially since I noticed they are a little more expensive than the other Clarisonic brushes. Are they worth the extra price? Let’s find out!

How does the Clarisonic Mia/Alpha FIT work?

Unlike most face brushes that spin, the Clarisonic brushes work by oscillating back and forth really quickly. This creates a deeper, gentler clean that leaves skin feeling great after each use. Once you have cleaner skin, you will also find your moisturizers and serums soak into the skin much easier, making them work more effectively!

You can use any of the Clarisonic brush heads with your FIT brush, which means you can tailor your cleansing routine to whatever you need. There are brushes made for acne, sensitive skin, body, and with the Alpha, beards and facial hair!

You can also use any cleanser with your Clarisonic brush – something I think is incredibly important for those of us with problem skin! To keep your skin looking its best, you should use the products that already work for you, and this brush lets you do that!
How is the FIT different from other Clarisonic brushes?

The Clarisonic FIT isn’t that different from the Mia 1&2 in terms of performance. They all work essentially the same, though the Mia 1 only has one speed, whereas all of the others have two speed options. All Clarisonic brushes are created to use the same brush heads, and they are all wireless devices that come with charging bases.

They differ mainly in size and color options, to be honest. The FIT brushes are much smaller and easier to hold in the hand. They are small enough to save tons of space when traveling – a problem many people have with the original Mia brushes. The Alpha FIT brush comes in a dark grey, and the Mia FIT in white or a bright teal blue (you can get a pink one on their website).

Cost is also a bit of a difference. Since the FIT brushes are relatively new, they are slightly more expensive than the Mia versions. If you are looking for a more compact, easy to travel design, it’s worth shelling out the extra money for a FIT. However, if you plan to mainly use it at home, you could save around $50 and get a Mia instead. There is also a high-end Clarisonic Smart Profile, which is both a cleanser and anti-aging massager – but at $349, it’s way out of most budgets and not necessary unless you really need a facial massager.

What is the difference between the Clarisonic Mia FIT and the Alpha FIT?

There isn’t a whole lot that’s different between the Mia FIT and the Alpha FIT. They both work the same, but are aimed at different people.

The Clarisonic Mia FIT is made especially for women, and comes with a Radiance brush head when you initially purchase it. They come in fun colors, and can use any Clarisonic brush heads to reduce acne, cleanse sensitive skin, and even give your feet a good pedicure!

The Clarisonic Alpha FIT is made for men, and comes with a special brush head made just for men with beards and facial hair. The brush helps cleanse the skin, while also helping men get a closer shave with fewer razor bumps or shaving nicks. It may be a bit too abrasive for a woman’s skin, but will be perfect for men who shave daily or want a cleaner beard.

What are the benefits of using the Clarisonic Mia/Alpha FIT?

Clarisonic claims that their FIT brushes can work wonders for your skin! Here are just a few things they mentioned:

  • Cleans skin 6x better than other methods in just 60 seconds
  • Oscillation movement helps break down and sweep away dirt and oil
  • Uses “fluid forces” to push water into pore to flush them out
  • #1 device recommended by dermatologists
  • After cleansing skin, users found their skin absorbed Vitamin C up to 61% better than using other methods.
  • 96% of women and 100% of men studied said their skin felt smoother and healthier after one week of use
  • Men studied said the device helped with keeping their beards clean, and gave them a closer shave with reduced irritation and bumps.

Product Review: Clarisonic Mia FIT & Clarisonic Alpha FIT

Clarisonic Mia FIT

Price: $219.00


  • Clarisonic Mia FIT Cleansing Device
  • USB Charging Pad
  • Universal Voltage Charging Adapter
  • Radiance Brush Head
  • 1 oz. sample of Clarisonic Radiance Cleanser

I think that this device is totally worth the money! It provides an amazing cleanse of the skin, and is much gentler than any other exfoliating treatments or scrubs. It comes in 2 fun colors, and is compact enough to travel with easily. I like that I can use it with my current facial cleanser, and that it doesn’t irritate my skin.

The only drawbacks I’ve really heard from others who have tried Clarisonic devices is the maintenance cost and irritation. To ensure an effective and safe clean, you need to replace the brush heads every so often – and that can get expensive over time. Most replacement brushes are around $30 each, and if you use more than one type (say, a face and body one), that’s a $60 purchase every couple months! I’ve also heard the device might be too harsh for people with sensitive skin, and takes a while to get used to. Once they do, however, even those who found it irritating at first seem to like it!


  • Compact device
  • Use your own cleanser; no need for special products
  • Two speed options
  • Use with any Clarisonic brush heads
  • Helps skin absorb moisturizers & serums more easily


  • Replacement brush heads can be expensive
  • Can be too abrasive at first; takes getting used to

Clarisonic Alpha FIT

Price: $219.00


  • Clarisonic Alpha FIT Cleansing Device
  • USB Charging Pad
  • Universal Voltage Charging Adapter
  • Men’s Daily Cleanse Brush Head
  • 1 oz. sample of Clarisonic Alpha Cleanse Men’s Cleanser


Okay, so here is my take on the Alpha FIT:

It’s exactly the same as the Mia FIT, just in a more “manly” color. That’s all.

To be honest, I understand why Clarisonic felt the need to make a “man” version of their FIT device. Companies that have traditionally always catered to women are now finding ways to market to men – and one way to do that is to convince them that a product was made just for them. I get it, I really do.

However, Clarisonic markets the Alpha FIT as though it’s an entirely different device. It’s not – it is the exact same thing as the Mia FIT, just with a different brush head and cleanser sample in the box. You get the same 2-speed options, the same effective and gentle clean, same everything else. You could have just as easily kept them all under the Mia FIT label, and just made dark grey another color option. Even as a woman, I kind of like the grey option – but don’t want to buy it because I would have to buy yet another brush head for it to replace the men’s one.

While I do think the marketing of the Alpha FIT is unnecessary, there is one thing I thought was great about it – the brush head. Creating a brush head that can tackle a beard had to be tough, and I’m glad to see they found a way to make it happen. I have several friends with facial hair who complain that they need a way to cleanse the skin under their beards, and this sounds like it’ll do the trick!

It also seems like a great option for men who shave regularly because it’ll cleanse the skin well enough to provide a close shave and no irritation. It’s pretty common knowledge that men have much tougher skin on their faces than women, so it makes sense that brush heads made for women may not always do the job. I think this would totally be worth checking out if you have facial hair, shave frequently, or need help with breakouts, shaving bumps, or other skin issues!


  • Compact device
  • Use your own cleanser; no need for special products
  • Two speed options
  • Use with any Clarisonic brush heads
  • Helps skin absorb moisturizers & serums more easily
  • Special brush head designed for shaving and facial hair


  • Pointless marketing; just call it a Mia FIT that’s grey
  • Replacement heads can be expensive
  • May need more than one head to deal with beard vs. rest of face
  • Can be too abrasive at first; takes some getting used to


I think that, overall, the Mia FIT brushes are a great investment to add to your skincare routine. They provide a great cleansing of the skin, and allow our other skincare products to work more effectively over time. I prefer the compact design of the Mia FIT brush, and think it’s a great device to take in your luggage to save space.

However, I was a little put off by the fact that they had to make a “manly” version of the device. I think that if Clarisonic wanted to, they could have just made the Mia FIT with 4 different color options, and allowed us to choose our own brush head to add to it. There are plenty of men and women out there that would like any of the 4 color options they have available, regardless of which brush head it comes with. Shelling out an extra $30 to get the brush head you need, and potentially tossing out the one it comes with, is a huge waste.

In the end, I can get over my distaste for the marketing schemes and see the product for what it is – the best face cleansing device on the market. It’s worth spending the money on a device that will last for years, and give you great benefits regardless of what type of skin you have!