Please DON’T ever pop your pimples. PERIOD.

If you have acne skin or acne prone skin, you should know by now that you need to go easy and be gentle on your skin. Popping a pimple will most likely cause it to bleed and form scabs, or worse yet, form another pimple! Why? Well, when you squeeze a pimple, you risk forcing the debris or bacteria deeper down into the follicle. This can cause the walls of the follicle to tear and thus, spread the infection into the innermost section of the skin, which is the dermis. This may lead to a bigger problem – an acne nodule or cyst which is much more inflamed and painful. Chances are they will take a much longer time to heal and you risk scarring your skin. Think about it, would you rather live with that pimple for just a few days or endure weeks or even months of acne scars?

Trust me, I really hate zits too. Worst yet are those pus filled pimples just waiting and begging for you to pop them. I have succumbed to this popping “itch” many a time, and I always end up wishing I never did. It’s just not worth it. I know it’s easier said than done, but try to resist the urge of popping your zits.

How do I Stop Popping Pimples?

STOP Touching Your Face

should i pop pimple

Try to make an effort to stop touching your face. This includes touching your acne with your fingertips, resting your palm on your chin or the side of your face, wiping the sweat off your forehead with your hands, and the like. In the past, I was always touching my face – as if hoping to find a bump so that I can pick at it and enjoy the satisfaction of removing it. A little psychotic, I know. I think it was the stress that led me to it.

Once I acknowledged the fact that this was really bad for my acne, I made an effort to stop touching my face. Instead, I put a pen right next to me (when I’m working) and each time I feel the urge to touch something, I would reach out for the pen instead. If you have some stress balls, that might work too. Once you condition yourself to do this, you’ll eventually stop touching your face altogether. Bottom line is – keep your hands distracted with something else!

STOP Looking at Yourself in the Mirror

Acne is a very frustrating and stressful condition to have to deal with. In my opinion, don’t make it even harder on yourself. The more you look at yourself in the mirror, the more tempted you are to inspect every inch of your face for acne. Don’t. I remember how I used to spend hours just staring at myself in the mirror, feeling sorry for myself (sometimes even hating myself), wishing those pimples could just go away. Not only did it not help, it added more stress on me and made me feel like I just wanted to give up entirely.

If you’ve ever felt this way before, please know that you are not alone. My advice to you is just to look at the mirror when you need to apply your acne treatments then step away immediately. It might not even be as bad as you think it is, so try not to be too critical on yourself. Relax and trust that it will heal over time.

My Own Zit Popping Experience

From my own personal experience, if I leave my acne to heal and erupt on its own (it usually happens when I wash my face), there is no evil twin pimple which pops up and I am spared the agony of acne marks or scars. A spot treatment of benzoyl peroxide usually does the trick. While it may cause a little redness, it usually dries the pimple up much faster and the redness goes away with just a few dabs of moisturizer.

However, the same cannot be said if I were to go and squeeze the life out of that pimple. Another one or two pimples will usually form very near to the pimple I had popped – oddly enough, sometimes it even forms in a straight line. I also notice that it always results in acne marks that take very much longer to fade away.

The key takeaway is unless you know how to pop your pimples correctly, your best bet is NOT to pop them at all. Take it from someone who’s been there, done that, and regretted it. Moving forward, I hope you’ll not just try, but do your best to stop popping your pimples.